Free PCCN Practice Test

Ready to see how prepared you are for the official PCCN exam? Take our free PCCN practice test below for 20 challenging questions. Don’t forget to check out our PCCN Exam Prep app available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. Good luck!

1. Argon plasma coagulation is as effective as electrocautery in the ablative treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding.
2. All of the following statements are true regarding the atrioventricular (AV) node except:
3. All of the following statements related to hyperosmolar disorders are true except:
4. Which of the following statement(s) are true regarding positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP)?
5. The exclusion criteria for the use of a ventricular assist device include:
6. A 10-year-old girl with severe burns is very frightened her first night in the hospital and is begging for her father to stay with her. Allow this is against hospital policy, the child is extremely upset and the father wishes to stay. Which of the following actions by the nurse is an example of an inquiry-based approach?
7. All of the following statements are true regarding chest tubes except:
8. During the compensatory stage of shock, hypovolemia and resultant hypotension lead to activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.
9. An effective bowel program in a patient with spinal cord injury:
10. Conditions that may impair ventilation and lead to acute respiratory failure in an adult include:
11. The following are signs and symptoms of respiratory depression associated with opioid use:
12. A cortical bruise caused by the brain impacting the inside of the skull at the site of impact is described as ______.
13. All of the following statements related to cyclosporine are true except:
14. Individuals who develop rheumatic fever often experience _________ later in life.
15. When reviewing discharge instructions with a patient who is going home with new orders for dabigatran, the nurse includes all of the following information except:
16. Life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding originates most commonly in the lower gastrointestinal tract.
17. A 25-year-old female diabetic with rheumatoid arthritis is admitted with anemia. Her orders include the administration of 200 mL of packed red blood cells to be infused over one hour. Which of the following team members should be involved in the patient’s collaboration of care?
18. Patient and family education in the progressive care environment is essential in providing information regarding:
19. Following the administration of a warfarin dose, the peak depression of coagulation occurs in approximately ______.
20. A 10-year-old Native American girl is admitted to the progressive care unit for treatment of severe asthma. When the girl’s condition is stable, her grandmother brings her licorice tea, a common herbal remedy in the family’s community. The nurse is concerned the family may not follow the appropriate medication regimen at home. In order to show respect for the family’s culture and maintain the patient’s best interest, which of the following is the best action for the nurse to take?